HEDGE Laying

Hedge laying is the traditional art of restoring and thickening up hedge rows. Whether they are old neglected hedges or newly planted, hedge laying will increase their density making them more effective as either visual screens or as dog / stock proof barriers.

Some neglected old hedges can resemble a line of small trees and shrubs, as they grow taller with age, and many gaps will appear.

Laying can also be combined with inter-planting which rejuvenates the hedge, creating a vigorous barrier. Even if the hedge is just a little thin at the bottom, then laying thickens it up by stimulating new growth at the base of the plants, and creating a much thicker and healthier hedge.

Together with our other hedge services, we offer a full hedgerow consultation and restoration service.

  • hedge laying
  • hedge coppicing
  • planting up gaps

We will usually undertake work within the counties of Northamptonshire and Warwickshire, laying in your local style or as requested.

The length of hedge, and the amount that requires removal or access is not a problem as we are fully equipped to deal with any job, including the waste clearance.

What is hedge laying?

When we lay a hedge we are essentially regenerating the trees, allowing continuity in the hedgerow. In this way we can keep that hedge working for much longer than its natural lifetime.

Without this regeneration the hedge will mature and start to die. Gaps will begin to appear in the hedge as it becomes taller, until you are left with just a tall spindly individual trees.

Benefits of hedge laying?

There are many benefits to hedge laying, used to achieve a number of goals:

– To rejuvenate an ageing hedgerow by encouraging it to put on new growth and by helping to improve its overall structure and strength

– Greater weather protection for crops and local wildlife

– Create a pleasing screen to a garden or field and form an animal proof barrier